2D Art

For me, drawing is a form or relaxation and meditation, a way to express myself in a more calming fashion than my art forms which require a hammer. This is a gallery of some of my favorite drawings and paintings from the past year. To see more, including process images check out my Instagram. If you like what your see, and would like to know more about getting a drawing done, scroll to the bottom of the page for more information.


These are images of people, created from photographs or actual models


Art Prints

Emotional expressions and images created from my mind.

Art Prints

Coming soon to Wings Of Lea on Etsy.

Custom Portraits available! 

Please contact me and attach the image you would like drawn. Can do both human and animal subjects. Additional charge for detailed props, such as a guitar.

Charcoal or Pencil: 8x10 - $15 +$5 per additional subject

Color Pencil or Pastel: 8x10 - $25 +$10 per additional subject