Tiffany Lea

  • Artist
  • Adventurer
  • Activist

A firey spirit, I feel at home playing in the coals and banging on hot steel. I've had a passion for working with metal since childhood. My father first taught me to weld at age 12. In university while I was pursuing a 2D/photography degree I found myself most often taking sculpture classes. The feel of bending metal to my will exhilarated me. A few years in the Army as a prop and rotor mechanic furthered my understanding on how to work with tools.

When I moved back home to the city (Milwaukee) I found myself lacking the space to make large scale items and found jewelry smithing as a way to create with metal in a small space. In 2013 I found the Milwaukee Makerspace and was given room to once again spread my wings and explore as an artist.

I am currently balancing creating art and being a graduate student, going for a Masters of Public Health with UWM's Zilber School of Public Health. I believe that a connection to art is a powerful thing. Everyone should have the freedom and access to be able to be creative and active in their daily lives. Using art and making as an intervention tool I work to help reduce the violence in our society and imporve the quality of life for all.