These roses stay in bloom forever.

To order your rose contact me through this site or look to see if the style you want is in store at Alchemic Underground on Etsy.

What are some possible options to consider when ordering a custom rose?


Choose from a full blooming flower, a tight bud or somewhere in between.


  • Garden Roses have long steams, approximately 3ft, and are pointed on the tip to allow for easy insertion into the ground.
  • Long Steam Roses are approximately 1ft long steam and are great for decoration in a vase, or handing off to your loved ones.
  • Short Steam Roses are a bit smaller flower with an approximately 3in long steam.
  • Desktop Roses are a full flower or bud good for placing directly on a table or desk.
  • Rose Magnets come in large and small flower sizes with a magnet attached to the back so they can be placed anywhere.


All the roses are available in clear coated steel or a variety of powder coated colors. 

Current colors available are Red, Yellow and White. Steel roses can have a Matted finish, a Shine finish or a Fire Treated finish. If you would like a custom color please contact me, mixed colors are also possible.