Only the Good Memories Really Last

The new calf at the Thai Buddhist Temple in Northern India.

Along my travels I have made many memories, many of which I've captured on film.  The great part of memory is that it is faulty.  When I look at the photos of my trips and adventures I remember only the joys of them and any pain or troubles are faded and harmless.   

My images of Asia are full of these experiences.  I loved India, it was amazing and beautiful and when I look through the images all I can think about is how I want to go back. When I look at this image I see the lively young calf and the sweet nun who showed me around all of her favorite parts of her temple and home. It was like a beautiful summers dream.  It's so easy to forget the painfully bumpy long roads on a bus with no suspension we road to get there.  Nor do I think of the horrible gut aches and heat stroke I was suffering from.  Instead my mind wanders to the sweet bread with delicious heavenly milky coating they served us makes my mouth water.  Though I can't even remember what the bread tasted like I remember it was blissful.  

It's the way that memories fade so only the good ones remain that encourages me in life. So often it is easy to find yourself slipping into a downward spiral, thinking about how things are going wrong.  When this happens you need to stop breath and look around to see how beautiful the world is.   Then as time passes it will not be your misery you remember but that beauty.