Making a Fairyland

 A cute little fairy tea table made of brass and copper. 

A cute little fairy tea table made of brass and copper. 

Loving both gardening and making things the way I do it's only been a matter of time before I tried making a Fairy.  I've wanted one ever since I signed up for Pintrest and first saw them...okay probably really since I was a small child since I've always loved making dioramas and fairy homes out of clay and cardboard, but seeing them on Pintrest re-sparked my interest.  

I started by planting my moss garden last week, though I'm not sure it's really working out.  At least the other plants are thriving.  If anyone has any tips on planting moss let me know, it's supposed to be easy, yet I seem to never have any luck with it.  

Despite the less than lush moss I went ahead and made my first bit of fairy furniture.  I know it's a bit of a different twist as some fairy fanatics my claim that fairies don't use metal, but that's okay, maybe it's a tea table for the Borrowers then.  Either way I'm happy with the results.  I'm about to go make a bench today.  

These are just the first ones, but as I get the design cleaned up a bit more I might offer them for sale if there is interest.